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מכון מופת

​Message from the Conference President

The objective of the International Online Conference, titled עברית בקוונה תחילה: Teaching Hebrew as an additional language to diverse populations in Israel and around the world, is to encompass a range of issues pertaining to the field. The conference will focus on an additional language that serves both as a medium of communication and as the topic of extensive research. Its uniqueness lies both in the fact that the emphasis will be placed on teaching, and in the fact that it is an international online conference. Since the conference is intended for populations and groups in Israel and around the world, its aim is to find the common denominator among them as well as to concentrate on the things that make them different.
In the present era, in which populations move from one continent to the next and communication is capable of traversing enormous distances, language is acquiring special importance both as a tool for one's absorption into new surroundings and as a means of preserving and expressing one's identity. In this border-blurring reality, it is extremely important to return to the fundamental issues of the language and of its teaching.
People who love and know the language have dedicated all their efforts to planning the conference and making it a reality. We invite you, academicians and practitioners, to share your knowledge, experience, concerns, and hopes with us.
We will be happy to provide assistance with any questions or problems you may have.

Looking forward to "seeing"
you at the conference,

Dr. Michal Golan
Head of The MOFET Institute and
Conference President

About The Conference

The conference will focus on teaching Hebrew as an additional language to diverse populations in Israel and around the world, and on the challenges facing teachers, teacher educators, researchers, educators, and policy makers in the field.
The conference will be conducted in Hebrew​

Conference Secretariat

The MOFET Institute, P.O.B. 48538, Tel Aviv 61484
Tel: +972-3-6901488/438
Fax: +972-3-6988618

Important Dates

Guided instruction sessions will take place from
Sunday, March 1, 2015.

For Updates

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